Clare Michelsen

Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist

022 065 3545
Skill Set:

Fat loss and weight loss
Muscle toning and building strength
Diet & nutrition coaching


Diploma in Fitness Business (Cert III & IV)
Accredited Sports Nutritionist
Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition
Diploma in Advanced Nutrition

"Hakuna Matata'

Clare is an experienced personal trainer who has worked with a diverse range of athletes, performers, and individuals. She is passionate about fostering healthier lives, and delving into the core elements of well-being. Clare’s approach is holistic, and her evidence-based approach looks at everything from stress and sleep to movement and nutrition.

As a certified sports nutritionist, Clare is skilled at merging exercise physiology and applied nutrition to provide her clients with optimal fuel for training and athletic ambitions. Clare is on the way to completing her studies as a registered clinical nutritionist (RCN) status which will better equip her to focus on her clients’ needs.

Whether you want some help elevating your performance in the gym, shaping new habits, or aiding medical concerns, Clare can work with you to sculpt the path to success.

Clare Michelsen