Nikheil Bhana

Personal Trainer

021 024 87523
Skill Set:

Weight loss
Strength development
Cardiovascular conditioning
Functional training
Flexibility and mobility training
Nutrition advice


Level 3 Personal training certificate
Level 4 Personal training certificate
Certified Pilates instructor
Group fitness training certificate

“The gym is more than getting stronger physically. We develop self-confidence, resilience, and mental toughness through training our body that we can utilise in all areas of our life.”

Nikheil is  committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lives. He enjoys meeting new people and is passionate about creating meaningful connections in his work. 

Nikheil trains a diverse range of clients, ranging from beginners to community club athletes, and has experience with one-on-one training, group fitness sessions, and Pilates strength work. By combining the targeted use of functional training, strength and conditioning exercises and cardiovascular workouts, Nikheil aims to work with his clients to achieve success with their health and fitness.

Nikheil Bhana